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About me!

Hello, I am trainvev, creator of the Susctopus persona and YouTube channel. I make YouTube videos as a hobby and for fun, and have been since 2015. I also sometimes create other pieces of art through making doodles fron Microsoft Paint, and making photoshopped images. Hopefully, I will keep doing what I like doing for fun, and not strive to do it just to make money. Although I would like to get monetised for my work, I will try not to focus on myself trying to make money, and will only improve my quality of work for self satisfaction.

Susctopus is a fictional character that makes videos on YouTube videos on the Susctopus channel. His personality is similar to mine, usually over exaggerated. PLEASE NOTE: HIS THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS ARE NOT MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS. He might have hot and stupid takes here and there, which is part of his character.

If you want to contact me, the creator behind Susctopus, please contact @trainvev on twitter. I also run the art account, @susctopusart.